Great Property and Price

I wanted to take the time to provide some good feed back which I notice is not the norm here. I visited Viera Palm Beaches and was kindly greeted by a woman who was working by herself.

She proceeded to assist me and welcome me into her office at that time we shook hands and introduced herself as Daisy. We discussed what my needs were and she went over the floor plans and described what the units looked like on the inside as well as provided me with pictures of units off her computer. She then went over time frame I was looking for even though I was flexible. She found great prices for me that would work out well and also went into the process of applying and what is required.

After this we went on a tour of the property and she showed me the pool area which had just started upgrades, the fitness center which looked amazing, the new pool table area, business center as well. We viewed a two bedroom apartment that was vacant. It was a nice lay out and was fresh. I loved the basket that provide new move ins it was a nice gesture, I did feel that I would need more space.

We then went back to the leasing office and she encouraged me that if I wanted to hold a unit to leave a deposit today to lock into the unit and also save the price she gave me.

When I was unsure about the floor plan space she was helpful in referring me to another property which from what I understand is a competitor but what amazed me is that she knew the property, was able to provide details in floor plans, what renovations they were offering and also specials. I was impressed that she did not down play them but said they were a beautiful property and that I would like the floor plan. I really appreciated that. I did go over to the property and view and it was gorgeous but I felt it was a very large property and I felt the more home feeling at Viera.

I would highly recommend the property as well as appreciate all the time Daisy gave me.

I will for sure be back in August to lock into my new home at Viera Palm Beaches